Our breeding program focuses on producing healthy Maine Coon cats with
friendly outgoing personalities. The pedigree and health history of each cat
introduced into our cattery is carefully screened to promote, protect, and
preserve the Maine Coon breed. The Cameronwoods Maine Coon Cattery is
free of FELV and FIV. Our cats are vaccinated for rhinotracheitis, calici and
panleukopenia viruses (FVRCP) and tested for Feline Leukemia (FELV) and
Feline Aids (FIV). The breeding cats have echocardiograms to check for
signs of Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM), when they become 2 years old.
Kittens are vaccinated for FVRCP at 8 & 12 weeks.  
"Sold with a genetic health guarantee".
Cameronwoods Maine Coons    Cameron Park, CA    Phone: 530-417-4405    
2017 Latest litter from Cameronwoods Mustang Sally and her new beau, LAPD Eric Northman of Telecoons.  
4 brown tabby patch girls, 1 red tabby girl, and 1 red tabby boy.  
Red girl, Cinnamon Spice aka Spicey, is staying with us and will eventually be one of our mamas, red boy,
Will Scarlett is moving on to a show career with his owner, John, in southern CA, and the other 4 girls all have wonderful homes as beloved pets.
All 6 kittens are friendly, outgoing, and very playful.  We've really enjoyed them all!